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Sapataria do Carmo offers customisation services to its customers. This applies to virtually every model and can result in changes in colour, leather, texture, sole, etc.

So that you can understand how practical and adjustable this process is, many of our models are customised in advance and designed thoroughly according to the taste and comfort of our customers, always considering trends and the use of high-quality materials.

We can say for sure what customers request the most is changing colours. The model is often perfect, but the customer would prefer another colour and/or tone.
This way, Sapataria do Carmo provides in all its stores a wide variety of samples of leather/fabric/suede in multiple colours.

Changes in moulds and soles are also something that someone who has a larger foot or more elegant foot would ask for. There are slight adjustments that can be adapted and end up giving more comfort to your feet.

It is important to know that assistance provided in our stores is essential for us to understand which model and/or shape best suits your foot. To that end, there is nothing better than trying the shoes. This will also help to understand what your ideal size is – as we often say to our customers “We don’t provide shoe sizes. We provide shoe shapes!”

Our footwear experience will help you find the perfect pair.
After every detail is defined, it is important to get confirmation from the factory, both for material availability and shoe manufacturing. Lastly, manufacturing a customised pair of shoes can take about 3-4 weeks. Service price upon request.