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Different kinds of footwear.


Variations: Chelsea, chukka, Cap toe, Wingtip

Boots are most likely the type of shoe where we invest the most. A good pair of boots can last for the entire winter – and more! Their versatility allows them to be used in multiple ways in any season. There are countless models, from the most practical that can be used daily to the most exclusive for special occasions.

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Variations: penny, bit, tassel, kiltie

Over the years, the famous moccasins, also known as the shoes of our grandparents, have become the favourite of most men all around the world. Such status was achieved for their comfort and convenience – this is the famous model without laces and with only a few stitches. Strips, charms, or tassels are details that differentiate them, and they can go from simpler to bolder models. This model was also quickly adopted by women, proving that there is no such thing as women footwear and men footwear.

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Monk Strap

Variations: single, double, triple

The famous buckle shoes, usually more classical, depending on the occasion, are the combination of the simplicity of the model and the personality added by the buckles, regardless of shoe size and colour. This model goes back to monks and has been changing throughout the years, which has resulted in more and more fans.
An example of this is that women are also using these shoes. They are still one of the great footwear icons!

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Variations: plain toe, cap toe, wing tip

The Derby model is often mistaken by the Oxford model. The main differences between these two models are in the laces area and how they are tied. While a Derby has open lacing, with the leather side tabs being sewn to the shoe, the Oxford has a closed lacing. This makes the Derby a more casual, relaxed, and informal model, as opposed to the Oxford.
The open side tabs make the Derby the ideal model for those with stronger feet, because laces are not so tight.

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Variations: whole cut, plain toe, cap toe, wing tip

The Oxford model is perhaps the most popular formal shoe model among men. Given its versatility, which can go from the most basic to the most irreverent in style, colour, and material selection, this style can be effortlessly used by businessmen, in weddings, birthday parties, or on the weekend. Timeless and always fashionable, this is surely the perfect pair for all occasions.

What characterises them are the side tabs without the shoelace eyelets. In fact, the eyelets (metal rings) are fixated on the inside and outside, and all we can see are the punctures where the laces go through, creating a classical, elegant look.
This model became known after being used with the school uniform by the students at the University of Oxford, in the United Kingdom, in the 19th century, which is also the origin of its name.

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