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Terms & Conditions


Welcome to Sapataria do Carmo and to the Terms and Conditions that define the rules and regulations for the use of our website: – owned by Paulo da Cruz Lda.

The conditions of sale are agreed between PAULO DA CRUZ Lda. with its registered office at Largo do Carmo, 26, 1200-092 Lisbon, VAT no. 502520710, hereinafter referred to as “Sapataria do Carmo” or “@sapatariadocarmo” and the persons wishing to make purchases through the website: hereinafter referred to as the “User“:

The parties agree that purchases made through the website: will be governed exclusively by the present contract.

Article 1 – Objective

The purpose of these general conditions of sale is to provide and define all the information necessary for the User on: orders, payments and deliveries made on the website:

These conditions regulate all the necessary steps to proceed with the order and guarantee the follow-up of the order between the two Parties.

Article 2 – Products

The products are presented with the utmost care and are photographed and/or captured on video using professional means, with the intention of transmitting an image that is as close to reality as possible. In some specific cases, there may be differences in tonality and computer monitors may vary, however, we guarantee that the pair of shoes you will receive is very close to what you see in the image.

The products are handmade and not mass produced, and may present variations in texture, colour and finishing. This is not a defect, but rather a feature of the uniqueness of the product presented.

Article 3 – Order

The User places their order by adding the desired product(s) to the shopping basket.

To submit an order the User must:

  1. Register on the website by filling in the required fields.
  2. “Log in” (providing a combination of the e-mail and password chosen by the User at the time of registration).
  3. After registering as a client, the User can start accessing their personal account online by logging in

At you can also make purchases without logging in, by completing the information and choosing the options that are made available to you during the order process (delivery address and billing address, shipping method, payment method, as well as the name and tax ID no., if you wish them to appear on the invoice).

The final confirmation of the order by the User is equivalent to full and complete acceptance of the products described and their respective prices, as well as the General Terms and Conditions of Sale – solely applicable to the contract thus concluded.

The details on the invoice are the sole responsibility of the User. Once issued, the invoice cannot be changed or re-issued.

The order is considered completed once payment has been made.

When accessing their personal online account, the User is subject to these general conditions, as well as to the legal and regulatory norms that govern the respective operation and use of the website.

Article 4 – Customising Shoes

If you wish to make any changes to our model(s), please contact us via email at [email protected] or through the form “Customising shoes ” in the menu.

After confirmation with the manufacturer, we will reply with all the details, such as: manufacturing possibility, production deadline, any alteration to the price and any other aspect that may be necessary as a result of the modification requested.

The order will be placed after approval by the User and respective payment of a non-refundable 50% of the price.

Article 5 – Stock Availability

Sapataria do Carmo undertakes to send the orders received online according to the available stock.

The availability of our products is subject to change.

If by any chance the selected shoes are not available in stock, we will contact you to inform you about the required manufacturing time. Normally, the manufacturing time is around 3 – 4 weeks.

@sapatariadocarmo reserves the right to update or modify, at any time, the information, products, prices, promotions and commercial conditions.

Article 6 – Prices

All the product prices @sapatariadocarmo listed at include Value Added Tax (VAT) at the current rate of 23%.

If an error occurs in the price of the products requested, both @sapatariadocarmo and the User may, at any time, until the products are dispatched, cancel the order.

Prices are always subject to final validation and must be in accordance with the invoice issued for the purchase.

Article 7 – Promotions and Sales

At @sapatariadocarmo, you will find different promotions in the form of percentage discounts on the retail price or in the form of discount codes that may be in percentage or value terms. The discount codes may also relate to the shipping costs, whether national or international.

All promotions have a fixed validity period and respect the commercial practices for price reductions, regulated by Decree-Law no. 70/2007, of 26 March – “Law of Sales, Promotions and Closing Down Sales” – with the most recent changes introduced by Decree-Law no. 109/2019, of 14 August, rectified by Amendment Statement no. 38/2019, of 21 August.

To benefit from the reduced price of the products presented at, the order must be completed and paid for by the User:

  • before the end of the advertised promotional (or campaign) period;
  • within the limit of the available stock;

or, whichever comes first.

Saving a product in the “shopping basket” or in the “favourites” does not guarantee its availability, price or applicable discount.

Article 8 – Payment

On the website: the payment of the respective orders may be made through the payment managers, RedUnicre – Instituição Financeira de Crédito S.A. and through PayPal Holdings, Inc.

The privacy and security of documents and information transmitted over the Internet is guaranteed by the contractual partners listed and identified above.

The payment methods available on the @sapatariadocarmo website are:

  • Credit Card – (Visa; Maestro; Mastercard)
  • ATM
  • MB Way
  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer (trough e-mail)

In the case of payments by credit card, the debit will be made to the User after confirmation of the dispatch of the products. If the product(s) ordered is (are) sold out, the value of the same will be credited to the User‘s card.

Article 9 – Delivery

The order will be shipped within 24-48 hours after payment confirmation. The cancellation of the respective order or any modification thereof should preferably be made before shipment.

@sapatariadocarmo reserves the right to change its policy on national and international shipping costs throughout the year.

@sapatariadocarmo undertakes to display the updated shipping price policy on the website in an explicit and visible manner.

Sapataria do Carmo may organize promotional campaigns for a limited or unlimited period of time, including free shipping, with or without a minimum amount, as well as discount codes.


At the moment, Sapataria do Carmo employs the services of the company MRW Entregas with delivery until 7pm of the following working day in mainland Portugal and Spain

For the Autonomous Regions of the Azores and Madeira, deliveries are made through the national service CTT – registered mail or CTT Expresso, normally with a delivery time of between 1 and 4 working days.

* For these destinations, in certain cases, the delivery time may not be respected by our contractual partner for reasons beyond the control of Sapataria do Carmo.


At the moment, @sapatariadocarmo employs the services of the company FedEx Express and DHL Express for international shipment, except for Spain (according to paragraph 9.1).

Within Europe, deliveries are made within 1-2 working days.

For the USA and Canada, our deliveries are made in 2-3 working days.

For the Rest of the World, our deliveries are made in 5-6 working days.

The partner company FedEx Express and DHL Express reserves the right not to deliver to P.O. boxes. There are situations such as “remote areas” and “customs clearance processes” that may delay the aforementioned time periods and cause some price changes to be confirmed.

Article 10 – International Price Policy Level

For non-EU countries (excluding the US*) the 23% VAT fee is automatically subtracted from the shopping cart when adding the shipping address.

Attention: upon receiving the order, the customer will pay taxes corresponding to the country of destination!

Article 11 – Complaints

@sapatariadocarmo has an electronic complaints book available at:

You may also contact us through the following alternative means, if you wish to report a defect in a purchased product or make a suggestion for improvement:

[email protected];
+351 213 423 386

Chat is available on our website.