Care Guide

Learn how to keep your shoes in perfect conditions.


Initially, it is important to clean and remove any dust and/or other impurities with a natural, non-synthetic bristle brush or a damp cotton flannel cloth. Let it dry.

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Hydration and Nurturing

Leather is a natural material that requires hydration. Apply the Restorer, a product based on colourless essential oils, using a clean cotton cloth.
It works well with shoes with handmade “weathered” finishes and shoes with traditional finishes of solid colour.

Let the Restorer cream dry and then apply a Shoe Cream that matches shoe colour with a small brush. In addition to hydrating, the Shoe Cream contains elements that highlight the colour and leather finishes.
With circular movements and using a larger and softer brush, polish the shoe.

Sole leather also requires hydration. Using a cotton cloth, apply the colourless Restorer in the sole and heel areas.

Storage and Preservation

Footwear must be stored with stretchers whenever it is not being used.
To that end, we recommend the use of cedar wood shoe trees, because this type of natural material helps breathing, is anti-bacterial, absorbs humidity and leaves a fresh fragrance, even when shoes are kept in their original boxes or in shoe drawers.

Recommendation: please do not store your shoes stacked on each other because this will cause more deformation.

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Suede or nubuck products require different care than leather products because creams cannot be used with suede. Prevention is the only way to ensure shoe longevity. To keep suede always nice and good-looking, you must clean it frequently using a special brush for this purpose.


  • For salt water stains, you can use a small dose of vinegar diluted in water.
  • Avoid sponges with applicator. They often contain chemicals that can affect or stain leather.
  • You should avoid using the same pair of shoes every day – the moisture accumulated throughout the day wears the leather and contributes to shoe deformation.
  • Always use a shoehorn when putting your shoes on to prevent damaging the heel area of your shoes.
  • Never use driers or heaters to dry footwear
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