Shoes You a new space by Sapataria do Carmo

In early autumn of 2014, our great passion for shoes, mainly those made in the north of Portugal, materialized in a new space really next door to our store: Shoes You by Sapataria do Carmo. Formerly a small accessories shop in leather and cork is now an extension of our favorite models, fancy and less formal of our shoes centenary store.

Here in the heart of Lisbon, at Largo do Carmo, Chiado, the two shoes stores literally hand in hand are now a true gallery and represent the best Portuguese brands for men and women shoes. Our selection is directed to small fabricants which have extensive experience in the footwear industry. Luxury brands not only by the appearance but also by the quality of the materials and the construction techniques.


Shoes You will keep the preference of “Sapataria do Carmo” for timeless models, for the “must-haves” of any wardrobe, for Portuguese shoes and for the strong hand craft component that certifies the quality of the system construction of the shoes.

Shoes You – as the name says – is an invitation to all those who value products created with responsibility, for all those who believe that quality shoes, with a fair price is actually a primary need.

Paradigma Footwear

is the work of two generations that for over 28 years have been accumulating know-how to produce the best quality shoes, being an expert in the BLAKE construction system. Our models incorporate raw materials of top quality and leather is our main material. In the production of each model hundreds of manual operations are performed, mixing traditional handcrafted methods with the latest technology. Our mission is to provide our customers with a quality product and service, at a fair price.




Created in 1979 is specialized on high quality women shoes’ manufacturing. Thanks to great experience, know-how and dexterity, Helsar has achieved a remarkable position in its sector, being at the top of the high quality shoe market and among the best performers in women shoes’ manufacturers, at a national level. Each model is thoroughly developed, inspired on latest fashion trends and design, and created with first quality materials. Helsar presents a distinct collection every season, offering a wide range of shoes for contemporary and sophisticated women. At the first years Helsar was directed to the national market, but in accordance to the actual strategy, the company has developed an international approach and the collections are being exported to several countries.

Lunik – Tokim


One of the most experienced national shoe factories dedicated exclusively to creating feminine footwear. Lunik exists in the market since the early 60s. Over the time had developed thousands of ways of building women’s shoes devoting itself mainly to the field of women’s footwear industry. Through Tokim brand we can customize your shoe by choosing the color, the shape of the shoe and the sole.

Armando Silva


The company was founded in 1946 by Armando Luiz da Silva in a small workshop of footwear with an artisan production system and 12 workers. The company early specialized in the manufacture of men’s shoes leather high quality. In the course of the time the company initiated a series of changes at the level of management and produced items. This effort turned to fashion and new trends was accompanied internally by a strict quality control.