A nossa loja

Estilo ao longo do tempo, since 1904!

Sapataria do Carmo

110 years “facing” the inexplicable attraction for shoes.

Founded in 1904, the Sapataria do Carmo, one of the oldest and charismatic shoes store from Lisbon, is taking us, with some nostalgia, to former times: iron letters at the entrance, tidy shop windows, beautiful velvet sofas and old style numbered boxes.

It is a centenary store, small but a charming one, which always has dedicated itself in selling high quality Portuguese shoes. Today we are not speaking only about a shoe store we are speaking about an important icon of elegancy and character of Lisbon.

Paulo da Cruz it was the family who owned the Sapataria do Carmo for more than 3 generations. But starting with 2012 has a new management: 4 young entrepreneurs also all of them being part of one family.

The new leadership decided through small restorations to enhance and accentuate the beauty of each piece of the décor. Also, it was determined to keep on the tradition of maintaining the excellence of the shoes.

Now is inviting us into the store the design of 50th and the beautiful feminine and masculine footwear collections. The handcrafted and Made in Portugal  shoes have a classical beauty but in the same time are in line with the new trends.

In early autumn of 2014, our great passion for shoes, mainly those made in the north of Portugal, materialized in a new space really next door to our store: Shoes You by Sapataria do Carmo.

Desde 1904


Sapataria do Carmo



We decided to continue to devote our small and glamorous little space to a selective number of national factories which are producing footwear with a strong component of hand crafted work.

The leather that is used to fabricate the shoes is high quality from Italy or Portugal. The leather sole are made by the own factories craftsmen and the rubber soles are made by the best producers all over the world. The construction system is Blake System and Goodyear welted.

Our slelection is: Armando Silva (since 1946), Mariano shoes, (since 1945), Centenario (since 1941), Lunik-Fabrica de calçado.Lda (since 1963), Helsar, (since 1979), Paradigma Footwear, (since 1988).


Sapataria do Carmo


Sofia and Denis, Alexandra and João Pedro: different opinions and inclinations, different ages and different languages and cultures…they had to become one “all”. Because, the destiny choose them all to fall in love with the shoes and to enter in the fascinate word of the footwear. And, in fact, one decision was unanimous: keep the main feature of the flagship store: Portuguese footwear, handmade, top quality.


Alexandra Lourinho: fascinated by written and read words, journalist by profession and Romanian by heart. Always had a powerful and profound inclination for stories and history and now is writing stories with and about shoes. Happy in the company of João Pedro and her two little daughters and near the sea.


João Lourinho: Agronomist by profession and passionate about countryside life, has never expected that shoes and the jacarandas trees from Largo do Carmo (largo=small square) will offer so much piece as Alenetejos´s green fields.


Sofia Lourinho, 26 years old, graduated in Social and Communication Sciences. Unlike her older brother, João Pedro, Sofia is an assumed city girl. Always very attentive to the latest fashion trends, she is not hiding the desire that one day will be able to create a shoe collection of her own.


Denis Damaso is 25 years old and he´s graduated in Communication Audiovisual and Multimedia, is our photographer always on duty. Passionate about photography, film and urban arts blundered himself into this project and created all the corporate image of “Sapataria do Carmo” and “Shoes You” by Sapataria do Carmo.

foto sofia e denis