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Style Over The Time


PATINA / Handcrafting process

Many of our models -feminine or masculine - are individually hand painted. It means that the shoes are assembled and made of traditionally tanned leather, but the leather color is the natural color without being dyed. One of the processes before finishing is handmade painting using the PATINA technique: the paint is applied to the leather by hand gradually. Each and every shade of color is the work of a single result. The purpose is always to keep a pattern for the collection to be uniform, but each shoe is unique and singular.


The new Oxford Single Piece PATINA models stand out for the fact that the artisan paints - through a matrix - the classic Cap -Toe and Wing-Tip design. In order to achieve an avant-garde global look the Centenary shoes also includes the models' leather soles as an integral part of the final result. These are varnished and by a specific technique - "burning effect" - the margins are burned, thus creating a complete work.


 * The Cap-Toe model represents a toe cap delimited with a horizontal line with no further detail. The Wing-Tip model represents a toe that draws through a brogueing line (shoe-specific holes) or a simple sewing line an open wings (a letter W).

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